Honor Troupe

Honor Troupe Application Requirements

In the enclosed pdf form, you will be asked to include:

  • Troupe #
  • Full and Legal School Name
  • Sponsor’s Name, and Contact
  • Troupe President’s Name and Contact
  • School attendance population numbers
ThesCon 2015 - 12/3-5/15

ThesCon 2015 – 12/3-5/15

The following items will be included in your troupe’s check list:

  • Community/educational service projects
  • Fund-raisers for school program
  • Fund-raisers for organizations other than home school and the title of each organization
  • New, innovative, creative project(s) initiated by the troupe
  • Campus productions (titles and performance dates)
  • Touring productions and/or performances
  • Number of active Thespians in your troupe for the application year
  • Off campus Thespian involvement (state or national conference, STOs, etc.)
  • Organized digital evidence of involvement and accomplishments in the above applicable categories
  • Select the level you feel your troupe has attained. Gold, Silver, Bronze
  • Provide your administrator and Troupe Directors signature on the pdf form



Honor Troupe Criteria Descriptors

The following descriptors are meant to serve as examples of what a troupe can provide as evidence for achieving success in the various categories.  This is not an exhaustive list.

Remember: You are not in competition with other Thespian troupes in order to achieve the status of a Gold, Silver or Bronze Honor Troupe.

  1. Honor troupe awards are divided into three categories: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Tally your numbers for projects completed from December 1st to December 1st of the following academic year, or as we like to think about it, between Thespian conference to Thespian conference.
  2. Any troupe that earns the minimum number of points in the Gold, Silver or Bronze categories, completes the necessary evidence, and submits the digital portfolio on time may earn an Honor Troupe designation.
  3. Any number of troupes may be honored in each category.
  4. The deadline for submitting your digital portfolio is November 10. The digital portfolio must be organized in the order of the checklist.
  5. A brief description must accompany any photographic evidence to fully illustrate the scope of the work undertaken. Descriptions should not exceed one page per artifact.
  6. Examples of artifacts include, but are not limited to: photographs, short video clips or links to short videos not in excess of two minutes each, photographs of production processes, letters from audience members, news clippings, calendar listings, any print or digital media used to promote your programs, ticket stubs, posters, Facebook posts, etc.


Community/Educational Service Projects  (Each project equals 1 point) These projects give back to the community of either your school or at large.  The troupe will participate in such events as community food drives, fundraising for non-profit organizations, beautification projects, summer camps for elementary or middle schools, etc. The projects can, but do not have to be, theatre related.  The project counts if at least 1/3 of your troupe participates for one hour on the project.  Example: a troupe with 60 registered Thespians must have at least 20 members working for one hour on a project.  The members working on the project do not need to be inducted Thespians, but can include students working towards Thespian induction.

Fund Raisers (Each project equals 1 point) Fund raising projects must be of different types, such as concessions done more than once during the year will only count as one project. The description of this artifact should include how this money will be or was spent to improve or supplement your program, or support a community service project.

New, Innovative Projects  (Each project equals 1 point) This project must be theatre related and connected with the school’s theatre department.  This project can count in one other category to allow the troupe to continue the new project into the next season.

Social Service/Educational Plays (Each project equals 1 point) This may, but does not need to, double as the new, innovative project.

Touring Productions/Alternate Audiences (Each production equals 1 point) This is any production the company produces that is presented in more than one location or to an audience that is outside the school community, i.e. elementary and middle schools, senior citizen groups, etc.

Full Length Productions (Each production equals 1 point)

One Acts (Each project equals 1 point) This includes scripted one-act performances, improvisation shows, talent shows, IE Showcases, or other performance opportunities you organize within your troupe

Active Thespian Roster (Equals 1 point)

Total Points: ____________, Gold status equals 15+, Silver status equals 14, Bronze status equals 12-13 points.