Scholarship Auditions

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Audition Application Deadline is November 18th

Colorado Senior University Audition Instructions

Who is Eligible?

Colorado State Thespians offers the opportunity for senior thespians to audition for over forty Universities, Colleges, and Conservatories from across the nation. 

  • Auditionees must be in their senior year of high school
  • Auditionees must be inducted members of their high school Thespian troupe and provide their personal Thespian ID number when registering (found on your induction card or your troupe director can retrieve it from their records)
  • Auditionees must have a 2.75 minimum grade point average to qualify for auditions
  • Auditionees must be declared theatre (performance or tech) majors at a 2 or 4 year accredited college or university for the following school year
  • Auditionees must register for their audition by November 18 at midnight. No late registrations will be accepted
  • Register by creating your profile at, completing the required fields, and selecting “college/university auditions” for your chosen field (acting, musical theatre or technical theatre) and paying the required audition fee
  • Students may only participate in an audition for ONE of the above categories – no multiple auditions in multiple categories are allowed.
  • Those auditioning for the senior university auditions must be registered participants at the Colorado Thespian Conference.
  • Please note, no refund will be given to students who sign up and fail to follow the directions listed above

What are the Audition Requirements? 

  • All auditions are limited to two minutes including the time to introduce yourself by name only. 
  • Acting auditions are monologue presentations consisting of one monologue of choice or two contrasting monologues. 
  • Musical Theatre auditions consist of one monologue and one cutting from a musical theatre song of your choice. Divide your audition time however you’d like but remember there is a 2 minute time limit. Songs can be acapella or sung with accompaniment tracks. 
  • Technical Theatre auditions consist of the technician or designer presenting their best work (a costume design, a promptbook, a scenic design, a lighting plot, etc), and an explanation of your process as a designer or technician. This can include insight into your research, and/or inspirations.
  • Record your audition horizontally and convert to an .mp4 or .mov file to upload in your account. The deadline to upload your audition in your personal thespianpointtracker account is November 18. 

Audition Form Tip: Each auditor will be viewing your application and audition online through thespianpointtracker, so the auditor’s first impression of you is your online presence. Please follow directions to make your first impression a good one!

How To Participate in Callbacks and Interviews:

Callbacks through a personal interview with college and university representatives will occur at ThesCon. Be sure to check the method of contact (cell or email address) you provided in thespianpointtracker to see what schools would like to meet with you individually about your audition and future with their school.  Be prepared to answer questions about yourself, your goals in theatre, and to ask about the school’s program. You may be asked to repeat all or a portion of your audition. Please have the courtesy to contact all schools that call you back. Scholarships and admission, based on your audition, may also be offered to you by mail, phone or email after the conference is over.

Colorado State Thespian Scholarship

How To Participate

Your university audition doubles as your audition for a Dr. Jay Seller Colorado Thespians Scholarship. $2,000 scholarships are offered to one student in Acting, Musical Theatre, and Technical Theatre. The auditors will select the recipient in attendance on the basis of your audition. The award will be made directly to your college or university on confirmation of your intent and enrollment. The award is presented at the closing of the conference and the recipient/troupe must be in attendance to perform or accept their technical theatre award.


Acting: Perform one or two contrasting selections from published literature within the two-minute time limit. Choose characters reasonably close to your own age that provides opportunity for physicalization. Make sure you feel comfortable with the selections and make your characters come fully alive in the short time you have.

Musical Theatre: Perform one acting and one musical selection within the two-minute time limit. Accompaniment for musical auditions can be recorded or a student can choose to sing acapella. Dance auditions fall under Musical Theatre. To audition for dance, perform one acting or musical selection and a one-minute dance routine. Follow the applicable rules above, a dance only audition will not be allowed.

Technical: Present your portfolio of designs, renderings, plots, books, pictures, etc. which illustrate your expertise in an area of technical theatre. You should prepare to discuss your work, the production for which you’ve done the work, and your expectations of future theatre involvement.

Students can only participate in an audition for ONE of the above categories. No multiple auditions in multiple categories are allowed. 


Encourage your student to register for this event, this is not something that a parent or teacher should do for the student ( Pay special attention to the restrictive time limit. Encourage your students to contact college representatives who call them back. Remember that each student represents you, your school, and Colorado State Thespians. Due to limited space and at the request of the auditors, sponsors will not be allowed to observe the scholarship auditions.