Laurilea McDaniel

Ms. Laurilea McDaniel
Mountain Ridge Middle School, Theatre Director
(Membership Coordinator)

There aren’t many stories touting the success of people who did not reach their dream. Thank goodness for failure! Laurilea believes had she pursued her dream of becoming a journalist, she would never have discovered the magical world of musical theatre. Laurilea holds undergraduate degrees in Theatre and Journalism with a Master’s Degree in Theatre Education from Texas A&M University. Currently, she is the Director of Headstrong Theatre at Mountain Ridge Middle School and Executive Director for Front Range Theatre Company, a non-profit community theatre, in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. In her fourteen years as an educator, she has taught kindergarten through college. Teaching middle school for the past nine years has afforded her experience as director, costumer, set designer, lighting/ sound technician, stage manager, choreographer, publicity manager and make-up artist. Every day, she enjoys passing along her passion for musical theatre because she wants to show students the doors it will open!