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Adams State University – Session 3

Adjudicator: Alexis Black – (330) 701-4958

Students Called Back

Beth Noone s3-9
Lindsey Stancato s3-4
Edith Gonzalez s3-7
Michelle Diller s3-11
Isaiah Johnson s3-14
Justin Mérida s3-16
Bryan Lucchesi s3-18
Leo Anselmi s3-21
Michelle DeMoss s3-22
Joseph Torrison s3-23
Denali Lancaster s3-24
Zach Hansen s3-25
Valerie Urquhart s3-29
River Cowan s3-32

Adjudicator Comments

Wonderful work today! Please stop by the Adams State University table so we can meet you and share our scholarship offers with you in person.

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