Main Stage Shows

Screening Selection, Process, and Requirements

Colorado Thespians selects two schools each year to present their high school production on the main stage in the Bellco Theatre. This is an exciting opportunity for the selected schools and for the state thespian membership. We would like you to consider bringing your show to the Colorado State Thespian Conference; our screening period is from August to the first weekend in November. We can also screen a show in the rehearsal process or simply for educational purposes for the school. Please schedule early as it takes us time to arrange a screener.

Selection Criteria
As you consider submitting a show for mainstage please keep in mind that our selection process considers and weighs the artistic value and execution(rubric), thematic/genre balance to the conference against other submissions, potential for success and clarity of story in a much larger venue(5,000+ seats), in addition to the content of the submission being accessible and inclusive for thespians representing every community in Colorado.

Schools interested in being screened for the main stage should fill in the submission form with info about their show and submit the accompanying fee.

Video Submissions Required: All schools that are being screened must also provide a video submission. Your school must submit a video of the first 30 minutes of your production that is being screened for main stage. This must be a long shot of the acting area, with no editing. The submission must be a URL, uploaded below.

Submit a Main Stage Event Video

Note: The deadline for main stage submissions is October 21 – show screenings must take place prior to November 5. Info needed for submissions:

• Name of the school

• Thespian troupe number

• Name of the Director(s)

• Director(s) contact info (cell phone)

• Name of the show being screened

• Show dates and times

• A photo of the set and/or ground plan is due at the screening date

You will receive an invoice for your screening once we receive your application. The following is information about the screening process and the technical requirements and limitations of the Bellco Theatre.

The Venue

The Colorado Convention Center is a multi-purpose convention center located in downtown Denver, which has an adjustable proscenium theatre known as the Bellco Theatre.  The Bellco theatre has a seating capacity of 5,200 seats, and the average audience size for Colorado Thespians is approximately 3,000+.


An adult director and sponsor, registered for the Conference, must be present during the entire set-up and strike time. Students will not be allowed to work on their production without the supervision of a registered adult. These adults must be listed on the screening application.

Professionalism and Etiquette

The Bellco Theatre and Colorado Convention Center is a professional venue monitored and assisted by professional theatrical technicians.  Your group, school or organization is a representative of Colorado Thespians, as well as your school and school district; and therefore, a professional behavior, positive work atmosphere, and proper rehearsal etiquette are essential and expected at all times.  Use of the Bellco Theatre and access to professional stage hands and equipment is a privilege, and can be an extraordinary educational experience.  Keep this in mind at all times.

Thespian Technical Directors

Colorado Thespians provides a technical director for your time in the Bellco Theatre. Skylar Ely will be your contact person; they are your liaisons between your group and the staff of the Colorado Convention Center. Any and all questions regarding the Bellco Theatre and/or the convention center must go through Mr. Ely. Do not contact the Colorado Convention Center; all communication must go through Mr. Ely. Your group can incur additional charges for violating this communication rule.

BELLCO Technical Package

  • Adjustable Proscenium Opening: Maximum Opening 100’
  • Stage depth of 48’-10”
  • Height to Tension Grid 34’ -7” (Attachment point at 41’-3”)
  • Height of Stage Floor to bottom of Teaser 25’
  • 4 Sets of Legs -Adjustable
  • 4 Sets of Boarders – Adjustable
  • 1 Mid-stage Traveler- Adjustable
  • Front Teaser & Grand Curtain -Motorized
  • Adjustable Stage Extension (variable pieces of 6’x8’x36” platforms into the orchestra pit)
  • 2 Loading Docks which support a full semi trailer
  • Carts & Dollies for Loading
  • 1 Green Room available
  • 4 Large Dressing Rooms available
  • 48 Conventional Lighting Fixtures pre-hung – “general wash”
  • 1 ETC Expression 48/96 (or connection for your own Lighting Console). Schools can also bring their own lighting console, with DMX capability
  • 1 Yamaha PM5D v2 Dugan (console controlled by House Crew with output to individual console as needed).
  • 10 Clear Com Head Sets & Belt Backs ( DSL, DSR, USL, USR, FOH Control Position,  3 in Audience, Green Room)
  • Fixed Projectors (House Left, House Right and Center Stage)
  • 2 Thespian Technical Directors/Liaisons/Stage Managers

BELLCO Technical Options (inquire for prices)

  • Additional Lighting Fixtures Rental
  • Cyc Rental & Cyc Lights
  • Scrim Rental
  • 2 Follow Spots & Operators on Head Set
  • Piano
  • Fixed Point Rigging Available (extra labor per hour incurred)
  • Upgrade to GrandMA Light Console

BELLCO Other Information

  • All scenery must remain on your truck until your load in time and must be removed from the theatre immediately following your performance. Charges are incurred after midnight.
  • Schools must provide their assigned Thespian Technical Director with a complete scale ground plan, and elevation drawings and/or pictures of the scenery at least 2 weeks prior to conference
  • Schools must provide their assigned Thespian Technical Director with a Light Plot and Channel Hookup (with modification plan for the Bellco space, if required)
  • Specials should be limited. You will not be able to recreate your entire lighting design.
  • Students are not permitted to work above the stage, in the catwalks, tension grid or spotlight booths
  • Schools must provide their own gel cut to fit Bellco instrumentation
  • Schools are encouraged to bring their own Sound Console, and microphones etc.

(If schools wish to rent sound equipment, please contact Colorado Thespians for more details.)

  • Schools have access to 1 multi-purpose room where food and water is allowed
  • Backstage to House access available on both sides (about a 1 minute walk)
  • Painting is not allowed on the stage area. Emergency touch ups with drop cloth are available in loading dock.
  • Nothing may be fixed into the stage floor
  • Some sandbags/stage weights may be available. Plan to bring your own.
  • If quick change is required, schools must provide their own private partitions to set up backstage to ensure safety and privacy of students
  • Contact Colorado Thespian Technical Directors for the floor plan of the Bellco Theatre, or access that information online.


Each school is responsible for listening to and working with the union house technicians and the Colorado Thespian Technical Directors. Any damages to the facility and/or equipment will be the sole responsibility of the school presenting. Colorado Thespians is not responsible for damage to the facility caused by groups, schools or organizations, damages will be billed back to the responsible parties. Colorado Thespians is not responsible for any damages to any personal/school equipment brought into the Bellco

Tentative Load-In Times (confirm with Thespians Technical Director)

Many variables may impact the approximate schedules below leading up the the conference. If your show is selected, more precise times will be communicated via the Colorado Thespians Technical Director assigned to your school.

8:00 a.m.: Load-in, set-up, light focus, and rehearsal
1:00 p.m.: Lunch Break
2:15 p.m.: Jr. Thespian Performance
4:30 p.m.: Dinner Break
5:30 p.m.: Rehearsal for Opening
7:00 p.m.: Theatre opens for seating
8:00 p.m.: Opening Ceremonies
9:00 p.m.: Main Stage Performance
11:00 p.m.: Strike
9:00 a.m.: Load-in, set-up, light focus, lunch break, and rehearsal
3:00 p.m.: Break
6:45 p.m.: Theatre opens for seating
7:30 p.m.: Main Stage Performance
11:00p.m.: Strike

Please be advised that your school should be prepared and organized for all aspects of the load-in, set-up, and rehearsal, time, so that you can maximize your ability to mount a successful show.


Strike takes place immediately after the performance. Cast, crew and all Main Stage equipment must be out of the theatre and completely loaded by midnight. Additional charges can be charged to schools that do not vacate the building by midnight or fully strike and clean up the facilities.


Colorado Thespians has a leveled fee schedule depending on services requested. We will provide qualified screeners to view any of your productions during the year and provide the theatre educator with quality feedback and educational support for their program.

  • $200 Main stage fee. If you desire your show to be screened for the main stage at conference.
  • $225 Feedback screening. If you desire your show to be screened only for educational feedback by qualified screeners.
  • $250 Non-Thespian screening fee. If you do not have an established troupe with the International Thespian Society.


Any group, school or organization that desires their show to be screened agrees to all of the rules and regulations listed here.
Adjudicator’s Screening Form This form will be filled out by the screener(s) who observes your show. The purpose of the form is purely educational in nature. Schools that desire to have the screening experience, but do not intend to participate in the Colorado Thespian Conference, are encouraged to apply for a feedback screening.  A PDF of this page and guidelines can be downloaded here.

Main Stage rules and process for the International Thespian Festival can be found at