Jr Student Individual Events

Colorado Thespians offers Individual Events at the Junior Thespian Conference. The Colorado Junior Individual Events audition series is intended to be an educational program that offers delegates the opportunity, using the audition approach, to receive constructive feedback on prepared theatrical material. The goal for participating students is to find their talent, strengths, and weaknesses and to grow as theatre artists. This process also supports Teacher Effectiveness for the Colorado Teacher Effectiveness process. The auditions culminate in the selection of a performance showcase cast of outstanding entries, some of which will be featured on the afternoon main stage for the junior thespian conference.

There are numerous categories included in the middle school individual events: Monologues, Duet Acting, Solo Musical, Duet Musical, and Group Musical.

Students not participating are encouraged to watch these individual event selections as they are being adjudicated for their educational value. Students are limited to signing up for only one event, there is a $25 fee for the Individual Events per participant. All Individual Events must not exceed the 5 minute time limit (2 minutes for Monologues), students will be stopped at the end of their time limit. Monologues are limited to two minutes. Rules for Individual Events are located under the Thescon Student Individual Events page.