Student Opportunities

Teachers, Troupe Directors, and Adjudicators – Feel free to use the Colorado Thespys forms in your classrooms, as they align with the Colorado and National Core Arts Standards. To view the official rubrics for Thespys please click here.  These are an excellent tool to use in your daily instruction as well as supporting teacher effectiveness.

Opportunities for students include:


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All State Opening Number Audition Information: We’re looking to cast 15-20 student performers from around Colorado to participate in the ThesCon Opening Number! The audition is open to all students grade 8-12 who attend the Colorado State Thespians Conference. We are looking to cast students who complete the following process by October 20th at midnight, no exceptions. More info here.


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Rising juniors and seniors can apply to be a State Thespian Officer and represent your school at the state level. The application window opens January 1 and closes February 1 at midnight.

A Colorado Student Thespian Officer is a leader in the community, representing the youth voice at select events during their time as an officer. In addition, they teach workshops at conference, help organize the Share the Dream campaign, work as ambassadors at ThesCon, and work alongside the adult board to make sure ThesCon and Jr ThesCon run smoothly.

Application Process

1) Applications are accepted online at Thespian Point Tracker. The deadline is Feb. 1, midnight. 

2) Round One: To apply, a student must create an account on Thespian Point Tracker and build their resume, complete events and awards, provide their artist statement, and select “State Thespian Officer Application” under “Available Auditions.”

3) Proceed in your application process by clicking the Green “APPLY” button in the left had corner. Then, click “Confirm Registration.” This will return you to the audition menu where you’ll see “subscribe” next to your State Thespian Officer Application.

Note: For your online application, make sure you fill in the “Events” and “Awards” section within Thespian Point Tracker, before you submit your application. Filling in these two areas, tells us what work you’ve done in theatre and academics and serves as your first round application. Once you have hit “Confirm Registration” you have officially submitted your Round One application. There is no fee to apply

4) Round Two: After you submit your resume and profile, Colorado Thespians will reach out to troupe directors for a recommendation. Applicants do not need to do anything to request this recommendation. No applicant will be reviewed or interviewed without a strong teacher recommendation.

Round two finalists will be contacted via email to submit a video Q&A. Those who are not finalists will also be contacted via email.

5) Round Three: After videos and recommendations are evaluated from second round candidates, individuals may be contacted via email or phone for round three interviews. Virtual interviews take place on a Saturday in February from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. If you are in rehearsal, please inform your director that you will have to step out for five minutes to take the interview call.

4) Requirements to be an STO

  • Be an inducted member in your school’s thespian troupe
  • Complete your personal profile at
  • Receive a strong recommendation from your troupe director
  • Complete the questionnaire sent to you after we gather troupe director recommendations
  • Be a rising junior or senior at your school
  • Attend an interview on a Saturday in February

2024 Stage Thespian Officers

First Last Pronouns Year School Troupe Number
Nadia Castillo she/her 2025 Riverdale Ridge High School 8780
Finn Cohen he/him 2025 Broomfield High School 874
Marina Eissenstat she/her 2025 Monarch High School 5989
Maizy Hoffman she/her 2025 Lakewood High School 1697
Ada Lawson she/her 2026 Thunderridge High School 5774
Piper Loyd she/her 2026 Roosevelt High School 3145
Rylie Maestas she/her 2025 Eagle Ridge 7861
Ramsey May he/him 2025 Regis Jesuit High School 6996
Yoselin Ramirez any 2025 Rifle High School 4911
Sarah Samal she/her 2026 Cherokee Trail High School 6971

2023 Stage Thespian Officers

STO First STO Last Pronouns School Troupe Number
Rori Ann Barchers She/her Niwot High School 3386
Nadia Castillo She/her Riverdale Ridge High School 8780
Bethel Daniel She/her Highlands Ranch High School 4891
Isaac Lutalo He/him Eaglecrest High School 4999
Nathan Manning He/him Douglas County High School 5108
Amelia Pennell She/her Ralston Valley HS 6271
Grayden Pustilnik He/him Fossil Ridge HS 7339
Zoe Wiley She/her Monarch High School 3438
Erin White She/her Holy Family High School 5989
Nat Wilkes They/them Cherry Creek High School 1730

2022 State Thespian Officers

STO School Year
Audrey Asbury NIWOT HS 2023
Lizzeth Moreno SMOKY HILL HIGH SCHOOL 2023

2021 State Thespian Officers

STO School Year
Audrey Asbury NIWOT HS 2023
Brady Barrow PONDEROSA HS 2022
Bela Deters CHEROKEE TRAIL HS 2022
Scott Green THUNDER RIDGE HS 2022
Alana Hein FAIRVIEW HS 2022
Breanna Larson OVERLAND HS 2022
Alex Mitchell CHERRY CREEK HS 2022
Victoria Perez ST. MARY’S ACADEMY 2022

2020 State Thespian Officers

STO School Year
Alexander Mitchell CHERRY CREEK HS 2022
Bella Virginia DAKOTA RIDGE SENIOR HS 2021
Connor Spring OVERLAND HS 2021
Gatlin  Zbylski THUNDERRIDGE HS 2021
Hannah Schnell SKYVIEW ACADEMY 2021
Holly Hyman HORIZON HS 2021
Isabela Deters CHEROKEE TRAIL HS 2022
Lena Olson PINE CREEK HS 2021
Michael Ryterski MONARCH HS 2021

2019 State Thespian Officers

Name School Year
Anna Cordova GATEWAY HS 2020
Evelyn Murphy-Welconish FAIRVIEW HS 2020
Henry Kacik MIDDLE PARK HS 2020
Jackson Mueller LOVELAND HS 2020
Katherine Sterquell STEM School 2021
Natalia Khoshnam COLUMBINE HS 2020
Peyton  Mazza HORIZON HS 2020
Samuel Tollison FORT COLLINS HS 2020
Abby  Stuckrath DENVER SCHOOL OF THE ARTS 2020

2018 State Thespian Officers

2018 State Thespian Officers

STO Name School Year
Timothy Cortez POUDRE HIGH SCHOOL 2019
Avery  Dell EAST HIGH SCHOOL 2019
Elizabeth Mueller TELLURIDE HIGH SCHOOL 2019
Abby  Stuckrath DENVER SCHOOL OF THE ARTS 2020

Colorado’s Arts Advocacy Day – at the Capitol. March 8, 2018

2017 State Thespian Officer’s 

Frist Name Last Name School Year
Daniel Niewoehner CENTAURUS HIGH SCHOOL 2018
Maximillian Gomez CHERRY CREEK HIGH SCHOOL 2018
Carter Wilson LEGACY HIGH SCHOOL 2018
Jeremiah Garcia POMONA HIGH SCHOOL 2018
Gable Kinsman Valor Christian High School 2018
Jackson Garske Columbine High School 2018

2016 State Thespian Officers

Name High School Grade
Ethan Walker Castle View High School 12
Margaux Granath Chatfield High School 12
Jackson Garske Columbine High School 11
Brynn Gauther Denver School of the Arts 12
Julianna Rohn George Washington High School 12
Eric Brockmeier Highlands Ranch High School 12
Carlena Lim Holy Family High School 12
Rachel VanArsdale  Horizon High School 12
Wesley Juels Mullen High School 12
Julia Hegele Thunder Ridge High School 12

2015 State Thespian Officers

First Name Last Name High School Name
Meaghan Aylward Holy Family HS
Sara Bowlby Heritage HS
Alyson Estes Valor Christian HS
Brynn Gauthier Denver School of the Arts
Brendan Lynch Jefferson Academy
Ellie Maji Arapahoe HS
Scotty Romano Chatfield Senior HS
Parrish Salyers Mountain Vista HS
Sheridan Snapp Grandview HS
Jack Vander Veer Monarch
Zoe Miller East High School

2014 State Thespian Officers

Name School Troupe
Zoe Miller Denver East High School 1371
Evan Monteith Elizabeth High School 4013
Grady Jensen Lakewood High School 1697
Tyler Eatherton Chaparral High School 5994
Zack Frongillo Dakota Ridge High School 5837
Charis Swartley Mountain Vista High School 6525
Emma Meisel Denver School of the Arts 5869
Taylor Rogers Mountain Range High School 7113
Rogelio Ochoa Prairie View High School 7196

2013 State Thespian Officers

Julia Hemp Denver School of the Arts Class of 2014
Abby Noble Grandview High School Class of 2014
Abby Stanley Arvada West High School Class of 2014
Andie Lerner Denver School of the Arts Class of 2014
Anne Hart Chaparrel High School Class of 2014
Chelsea Jacobson Cherry Creek High School Class of 2014
Elise Collins Thunder Ridge High School Class of 2014
Joey DeMers Brighton High School Class of 2014
Taylor Rogers Mountain Range High School Class of 2015

2013 STO’s with their new sashes.

Watch this page for updates on what your state thespian officers are doing.

Watch for updates on Facebook for our next meeting.
The Henry Awards 2013

2013 Henry Awards presented to Colorado Thespians at the Arvada Center

Award Winning 2012 STOs Video

2012 Video


returning in 2024

Honor Troupe Application Requirements

In the enclosed pdf form, you will be asked to include:

  • Troupe #
  • Full and Legal School Name
  • Sponsor’s Name, and Contact
  • Troupe President’s Name and Contact
  • School attendance population numbers
ThesCon 2015 - 12/3-5/15

ThesCon 2015 – 12/3-5/15

The following items will be included in your troupe’s check list:

  • Community/educational service projects
  • Fund-raisers for school program
  • Fund-raisers for organizations other than home school and the title of each organization
  • New, innovative, creative project(s) initiated by the troupe
  • Campus productions (titles and performance dates)
  • Touring productions and/or performances
  • Number of active Thespians in your troupe for the application year
  • Off campus Thespian involvement (state or national conference, STOs, etc.)
  • Organized digital evidence of involvement and accomplishments in the above applicable categories
  • Select the level you feel your troupe has attained. Gold, Silver, Bronze
  • Provide your administrator and Troupe Directors signature on the pdf form

Honor Troupe Criteria Descriptors

The following descriptors are meant to serve as examples of what a troupe can provide as evidence for achieving success in the various categories.  This is not an exhaustive list.

Remember: You are not in competition with other Thespian troupes in order to achieve the status of a Gold, Silver or Bronze Honor Troupe.

  1. Honor troupe awards are divided into three categories: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Tally your numbers for projects completed from December 1st to December 1st of the following academic year, or as we like to think about it, between Thespian conference to Thespian conference.
  2. Any troupe that earns the minimum number of points in the Gold, Silver or Bronze categories, completes the necessary evidence, and submits the digital portfolio on time may earn an Honor Troupe designation.
  3. Any number of troupes may be honored in each category.
  4. The deadline for submitting your digital portfolio is November 10. The digital portfolio must be organized in the order of the checklist.
  5. A brief description must accompany any photographic evidence to fully illustrate the scope of the work undertaken. Descriptions should not exceed one page per artifact.
  6. Examples of artifacts include, but are not limited to: photographs, short video clips or links to short videos not in excess of two minutes each, photographs of production processes, letters from audience members, news clippings, calendar listings, any print or digital media used to promote your programs, ticket stubs, posters, Facebook posts, etc.


Community/Educational Service Projects  (Each project equals 1 point) These projects give back to the community of either your school or at large.  The troupe will participate in such events as community food drives, fundraising for non-profit organizations, beautification projects, summer camps for elementary or middle schools, etc. The projects can, but do not have to be, theatre related.  The project counts if at least 1/3 of your troupe participates for one hour on the project.  Example: a troupe with 60 registered Thespians must have at least 20 members working for one hour on a project.  The members working on the project do not need to be inducted Thespians, but can include students working towards Thespian induction.

Fund Raisers (Each project equals 1 point) Fund raising projects must be of different types, such as concessions done more than once during the year will only count as one project. The description of this artifact should include how this money will be or was spent to improve or supplement your program, or support a community service project.

New, Innovative Projects  (Each project equals 1 point) This project must be theatre related and connected with the school’s theatre department.  This project can count in one other category to allow the troupe to continue the new project into the next season.

Social Service/Educational Plays (Each project equals 1 point) This may, but does not need to, double as the new, innovative project.

Touring Productions/Alternate Audiences (Each production equals 1 point) This is any production the company produces that is presented in more than one location or to an audience that is outside the school community, i.e. elementary and middle schools, senior citizen groups, etc.

Full Length Productions (Each production equals 1 point)

One Acts (Each project equals 1 point) This includes scripted one-act performances, improvisation shows, talent shows, IE Showcases, or other performance opportunities you organize within your troupe

Active Thespian Roster (Equals 1 point)

Total Points: ____________, Gold status equals 15+, Silver status equals 14, Bronze status equals 12-13 points.


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Schools can register their entire improv performance group, or any part of their improv performance group – up to 25 members. Groups will present and work as an ensemble to demonstrate a unique and specific style of improv performance. It has been the mission of Colorado Thespians to showcase improvisation as a form of theatre, as opposed to merely being humorous. Colorado Thespians believes that students who enter the Improv Showcase are ready to stretch their skills into a more authentic form of self-expression.

Each School may register one performance group, with a maximum of 25 troupe members allowed for this event. There will only be 40 performance spots available.  On the day of the event, each group will be given a 15 minute performance slot at the conference.   In this time frame your group will be required to introduce your troupe, solicit and receive suggestions, and engage the audience with your performance.

We highly encourage teams who enter the Improv Showcase to work with a sponsor or a director to allow their own authenticity to be strengthened through their performance. The more comfortable the performers are with going into a place of truth during their performance within their ensemble, the more the audience will be engaged in the showcase. Each troupe’s performance will receive feedback following the conference, in order to better hone your craft. The charge for this event is $25 per participant.

The rubric for the Improv Showcase can be found on the within the troupe directors login in the registration system and on


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Colorado Thespys and the National Thespys are an educational program that offers conference delegates the opportunity to receive constructive feedback on prepared theatrical material and technical designs. The goal for participating students is to receive feedback from industry professionals on their skills, strengths, and weaknesses to grow as theatre artists and individuals. The events culminate in the selection of a performance showcase cast of outstanding entries. Outstanding films will be shown during the opening ceremonies. The Thespy showcase will be cast with representatives of the highest quality performances, and not all categories may be represented. All participants in the Colorado Thespys must be registered attendees for the conference.

The eligibility requirements and rules regarding Thespys at the national level are described in this document, Colorado follows the same rules, but does allow students to participate in two Thespys, and does not require blacks to be worn. The Colorado Thespys are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis, at our in-person conference we are limited by space, time restraints, and adjudicators. Troupe Directors are encouraged to register early for these events. Please note the Technical events are presented in an electronic format. Technical events rules are included in the Colorado Thespy Guidelines below. All IE’s submissions that require a video file must be uploaded as a .mov or .mp4 file and then submitted in the registration system by the November 18th deadline. After the video is uploaded it may say “sorry your video does not exist” once it is processed and approved on our end, it will be visible. This may take a couple of days.

Colorado Thespy Guidelines       National Thespy Guidelines 21-22  Approved Publishers List

Short Film Rules and Guidelines.

  1. All films must be submitted online through Troupe Directors registration with file by November 18.
  2. Time limit is 5:00, including credits and opening sequences
  3. Films must be of original content and may be collaborations between students.
  4. Music must be original or documented public domain material.

Tech IE Rules:

  1. Tech IE’s will be a Live Presentation (digital or material)  3-5 min
  2. A projector and HDMI chord will be in each room if you choose to use it, must provide your own dongles
  3. A 2 min dialogue with judges will occur with artists (during setup of the next presentation) 


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Submit Your Production!

Colorado Thespians selects two schools each year to present their high school production on the main stage in the Bellco Theatre. This is an exciting opportunity for the selected schools and for the state thespian membership. We would like you to consider bringing your show to the Colorado State Thespian Conference; our screening period is from August to the first weekend in November. We can also screen a show in the rehearsal process or simply for educational purposes for the school. Please schedule early as it takes us time to arrange a screener. For in depth information see Main Stage Shows


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Colorado follows the National Guidelines for One Acts, and selects a One Act to recommend for performance at the National Thespian Conference. At the National level, the Chapter Select Showcase, each show is allowed forty-five minutes performance time, ten minutes to set, and five minutes to strike.

To qualify, shows must be adjudicated at a chapter conference by an evaluation team selected by the chapter director or governing board. The evaluation team may recommend one top-quality show (and an alternate in case the first school is unable to attend) for the Chapter Select Showcase from each chapter. These recommendations will be submitted to the home office by the chapter director.

Recommended schools will receive the Chapter Select Showcase regulations as listed below and available at, and an acceptance sheet. The acceptance sheet must be submitted to the home office; upon receipt of the acceptance sheet, a performance slot will be tentatively assigned provided openings are still available. The performance assignment at International Thespian Festival (ITF) will be confirmed once the entire Festival registration and proof of royalty payment/permission forms are received at the home office.

The Chapter Select Showcase is a chance to see what’s going on (theatrically speaking) in the rest of the state and at the national level. Chapter Select Showcase shows are screened and selected at chapter conferences. The selected short plays, one-acts, or cuttings will be presented each afternoon at the ITF.  Each selection may run up to 45 minutes and will be given 10 minutes to set, 5 minutes to strike.


  • All chapters that hold conferences will be given the opportunity to select one One Act for performance in the in the Chapter Select Showcase.
  • The chapter director must submit the school selected on the Chapter Select Recommendation Form. If the first choice cannot accept the invitation, an alternate selection may be recommended.
  • There are 15 performance slots available in the Chapter Select Showcase at ITF. Slots will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis until the schedule is full.
  • If your troupe would like a chance to perform in the Chapter Select Showcase, register to perform a 30 or 75 minute One-Act at ThesCon. Registration closes November 10 and performance spaces are open until full.
  • If invited to present at ITF, a troupe must be registered for the entire Festival week.


National Level

Light and Sound: At ITF, a follow-spot is available, but may be used only if requested in advance. General area lighting is available (stage right, stage left, up center, center, and down center stage) as well as blue and amber washes. Special lighting effects are not available. Sound amplification and/or speakers are provided.

Scenic and Costumes: If your school is invited to present in the Chapter Select Showcase, you will be sent the detailed guidelines along with a list of stock set pieces that will be available from the theatre.

Colorado ThesCon

Lights and Sound: The stage space at the convention center is 12′ x 24′.  There is no special lighting capabilities at ThesCon and standard meeting room light is available. CO Thespians does not provide audio amplification or speakers, but the presenting school may bring in their own equipment if desired. An aux cord that plugs into the One Act room is provided.  The usage of microphones is not permitted in this venue.

Scenic and Costumes: A prop is any item that will fit through a single door and can be carried by a single person. Set pieces are anything bigger. Hand props are those items to be carried onstage by the actors in one hand and are allowed. If any weapons are brought onto the premises, please check them into the registration room 101 for holding before and after the performance. No helium balloons are allowed in the Colorado Convention Center. Flats are not allowed, but any scenic elements (chairs, tables, podiums, blocks, trunks, etc) that can easily be carried in through a standard door are permitted. There is no storage at the Colorado Convention Center for these items and must be returned to a hotel room or other holding facility after the performance. Conference room style chairs are available at the Colorado Convention Center.

Promotion: Schools are allowed to promote their One Act at the conference through word of mouth, social media, fliers, or other positive promotion that is consistent with tone of the event.

Scholarship Auditions

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Questions can be emailed to:

Audition Application Deadline is November 18th

Colorado Senior University Audition Instructions

Who is Eligible?

Colorado State Thespians offers the opportunity for senior thespians to audition for over forty Universities, Colleges, and Conservatories from across the nation. 

  • Auditionees must be in their senior year of high school.
  • Auditionees must be inducted members of their high school Thespian troupe and provide their personal Thespian ID number when registering (found on your induction card or your troupe director can retrieve it from their records with the International Thespian Society/Educational Theatre Association).
  • Auditionees must have a 2.75 minimum grade point average to qualify for auditions.
  • Auditionees must be declared theatre (performance or tech) majors at a 2 or 4 year accredited college or university for the following school year.
  • Auditionees must register for their audition by November 18 at midnight. No late registrations will be accepted.
  • Register by creating your profile at, completing the required fields, and selecting “college/university auditions” for your chosen field (acting, musical theatre or technical theatre) and paying the required audition fee.
  • Students may only participate in an audition for ONE of the above categories – no multiple auditions in multiple categories are allowed.
  • Those auditioning for the senior university auditions must be registered participants at the Colorado Thespian Conference.
  • Please note, no refund will be given to students who sign up and fail to follow the directions listed above or do not correctly submit their self tape audition.

What are the Audition Requirements?

  • All auditions are limited to two minutes including the time to introduce yourself by name only. 
  • Acting auditions are monologue presentations consisting of one monologue of choice or two contrasting monologues. 
  • Musical Theatre auditions consist of one monologue and one cutting from a musical theatre song of your choice. Divide your audition time however you’d like but remember there is a 2 minute time limit. Songs can be acapella or sung with accompaniment tracks. 
  • Technical Theatre auditions consist of the technician or designer presenting their best work (a costume design, a promptbook, a scenic design, a lighting plot, etc), and an explanation of your process as a designer or technician. This can include insight into your research, and/or inspirations.
  • Record your audition horizontally and convert to an .mp4 or .mov file to upload in your account. The deadline to upload your audition in your personal thespianpointtracker account is November 18. 

Audition Form Tip: Each auditor will be viewing your application and audition online through thespianpointtracker, so the auditor’s first impression of you is your online presence. Please follow directions to make your first impression a good one!

How To Participate in Callbacks and Interviews:

Callbacks through a personal interview with college and university representatives will occur at ThesCon. Be sure to check the method of contact (cell or email address) you provided in thespianpointtracker to see what schools would like to meet with you individually about your audition and future with their school.  Be prepared to answer questions about yourself, your goals in theatre, and to ask about the school’s program. You may be asked to repeat all or a portion of your audition. Please have the courtesy to contact all schools that call you back. Scholarships and admission, based on your audition, may also be offered to you by mail, phone or email after the conference is over.

Colorado State Thespian Scholarship

How To Participate

Your university audition doubles as your audition for a Dr. Jay Seller Colorado Thespians Scholarship. $2,000 scholarships are offered to one student in Acting, Musical Theatre, and Technical Theatre. The auditors will select the recipient in attendance on the basis of your audition. The award will be made directly to your college or university on confirmation of your intent and enrollment. The award is presented at the closing of the conference and the recipient/troupe must be in attendance to perform or accept their technical theatre award.


Acting: Perform one or two contrasting selections from published literature within the two-minute time limit. Choose characters reasonably close to your own age that provides opportunity for physicalization. Make sure you feel comfortable with the selections and make your characters come fully alive in the short time you have.

Musical Theatre: Perform one acting and one musical selection within the two-minute time limit. Accompaniment for musical auditions can be recorded or a student can choose to sing acapella. Dance auditions fall under Musical Theatre. To audition for dance, perform one acting or musical selection and a one-minute dance routine. Follow the applicable rules above, a dance only audition will not be allowed.

Technical: Present your portfolio of designs, renderings, plots, books, pictures, etc. which illustrate your expertise in an area of technical theatre. You should prepare to discuss your work, the production for which you’ve done the work, and your expectations of future theatre involvement.

Students can only participate in an audition for ONE of the above categories. No multiple auditions in multiple categories are allowed. 


Encourage your student to register for this event, this is not something that a parent or teacher should do for the student ( Pay special attention to the restrictive time limit. Encourage your students to contact college representatives who call them back. Remember that each student represents you, your school, and Colorado State Thespians. Due to limited space and at the request of the auditors, sponsors will not be allowed to observe the scholarship auditions.


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Materials for the technical Theatre Challenge can be found here. Registration for this event must be done through Troupe Director logins in our registration system.