Student Individual Events

Individual Events Showcase Call Times 

Teachers, Troupe Directors, and Adjudicators – Feel free to use the Colorado Individual Events forms in your classrooms, as they align with the Colorado and National Core Arts Standards. To view the official rubrics for Individual Events please check, this is an excellent tool to use in your daily instruction as well as supporting teacher effectiveness.

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Improv Showcase

Schools can register their entire improv performance group, or any part of their improv performance group – up to 25 members. Groups will present and work as an ensemble to demonstrate their unique and specific style of improv performance. It has been the mission of Colorado Thespians to showcase improvisation as a form of theatre, as opposed to merely being humorous. Colorado Thespians believes that students who enter the Improv Showcase are ready to stretch their skills into a more authentic form of self-expression.

Each School may register one performance group, with a maximum of 25 troupe members allowed for this event. There will only be 40 performance spots available.  On the day of the event, each group will be given a 15 minute performance slot at the conference.   In this time frame your group will be required to introduce your troupe, solicit and receive suggestions, and engage the audience with your performance.

We highly encourage teams who enter the Improv Showcase to work with a sponsor or a director to allow their own authenticity to be strengthened through their performance. The more comfortable the performers are with going into a place of truth during their performance within their ensemble, the more the audience will be engaged in the showcase. Each troupe’s performance will receive feedback following the conference, in order to better hone your craft. The charge for this event is $25 per participant. Colorado Thespians looks forward to witnessing what each school will bring to the spectrum of improv styles on Saturday morning.

The rubric for the Improv Showcase can be found on the

Technical Challenge – Hosted by Metropolitan State University, Denver

Get ready for a fast, furious, and fun Tech Challenge experience!  Register teams of five online for one of the two sessions taking place on Saturday morning, for the chance to compete in the following events:

Ground Plan Tapedown.  Who can interpret a ground plan and tape it on the floor the quickest and most accurately?    Tech Challenge 2019 Stage management event

Light Hang and Focus.  Every techie needs to know how to do this in any circumstances, light or dark, hot or cold, intermission or preshow!  Tech Challenge 2019 Lighting event

• Costume.  Working with costumes and limited space, how quickly and accurately can you get the right pieces in the right place?  You don’t want that actor going on stage half-naked if they are supposed to be fully dressed!  Tech Challenge 2019 Costume event

• Knot a Rigging problem. Tying basic knots is an essential skill for a wide range of technicians who use it for everything from hauling equipment to the catwalk to properly rigging scenery. Team members will have two minutes to put their knot tying to the test. Tech Challenge Rigging Event

Prizes will be given at the Closing Ceremonies for each event and also for the best time and accuracy overall.  Any school can participate in the Technical Challenge, but you can only sign up for one of the two sessions.

2019/2020 National and Colorado Individual Events Showcase

Colorado Individual Events and the National Individual Events are intended to be an educational program that offers conference delegates the opportunity to receive constructive feedback on prepared theatrical material and technical designs. The goal for participating students is to find their talent, strengths, and weaknesses and to grow as theatre artists. The events culminate in the selection of a performance showcase cast of outstanding entries. Outstanding films will be shown during the opening ceremonies. Because the showcase will be cast with representatives of the highest quality performances, not all categories may be represented. Participants in the Colorado Individual Events must be registered attendees for the conference.

The following is a list of eligibility requirements and rules regarding Individual Events at the national level, Colorado follows the same rules, but does allow students to participate in two Individual Events, and does not require blacks to be worn. The Colorado Individual Events are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis, we are limited by space, time restraints, and adjudicators. Sponsors are encouraged to register early for these events. Please note the Technical events have changed to an electronic format. Technical events rules are included in the Colorado IE Guidelines below. All Technical IE’s and Short Film submissions must have an identified URL for the presentation, submitted by the November 10th deadline  posted to this site. Colorado Thespians suggests several formats for your presentations; Individual Web Site, Automated PowerPoint, or YouTube video.

Colorado IE Guidelines 19-20       National IE Guidelines 19-20

All Technical events and Short Films must submit an identified URL for their finished products, for both adjudicators and participants to reference. All URL’s must be received by November 10th deadline. 

One Act Rules and Chapter Select Showcase

Colorado follows the National Guidelines for One Acts, and selects a One Act to recommend for performance at the National Thespian Conference. At the National level the Chapter Select Showcase has performances in the Howell Theatre on the UNL campus every afternoon. This is a venue for one-acts that are screened at chapter conferences and are recommended to perform at Festival. Each show is allowed forty-five minutes performance time, ten minutes to set, and five minutes to strike.

To qualify, shows must be adjudicated at a chapter conference by an evaluation team selected by the chapter director or governing board. The evaluation team may recommend one top-quality show (and an alternate in case the first school is unable to attend) for the Chapter Select Showcase from each chapter. These recommendations must be submitted to the home office by the chapter director.

Recommended schools will receive the Chapter Select Showcase regulations as listed below and available at, and an acceptance sheet. The acceptance sheet must be submitted to the home office; upon receipt of the acceptance sheet, a performance slot will be tentatively assigned provided openings are still available. The performance assignment will be confirmed once the entire Festival registration and proof of royalty payment/permission forms are received at the home office.

The Chapter Select Showcase is a chance to see what’s going on (theatrically speaking) in the rest of the state and at the national level—three short plays, one-acts, or cuttings will be presented each afternoon in the Howell Theatre. Chapter Select Showcase shows are screened and selected at chapter conferences. Each selection may run up to 45 minutes and will be given 10 minutes to set, 5 minutes to strike.


  • All chapters that hold conferences will be given the opportunity to be represented in the Chapter Select Showcase.
  • The chapter director must submit the school selected on the Chapter Select Recommendation Form. If the first choice cannot accept the invitation, an alternate selection may be recommended.
  • There are 15 performance slots available in the Chapter Select Showcase in the Howell Theatre. Slots will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis until the schedule is full.
  • If your troupe would like a chance to perform in the Chapter Select Showcase, contact your chapter director.
  • If invited to present, a troupe must be registered for the entire Festival week.


At the national level a follow-spot is available, but may be used only if requested in advance. General area lighting is available (stage right, stage left, up center, center, and down center stage) as well as blue and amber washes, which is also consistent with what can be accomplished at the Colorado Convention Center. Special lighting effects are not available. The stage space at the convention center is 12′ x 24′.  The theatre will provide a CD player, amplification, and speakers at the national level, but Colorado will not. Groups may use their own “boom box” or MP3 player (through the theatre sound system or convention center room sound system). The usage of microphones is not permitted in this venue.


A prop is any item that will fit through a single door and can be carried by a single person. Set pieces are anything bigger. Hand props are those items to be carried onstage by the actors in one hand. Set pieces and flats are not allowed. Conference room style chairs are available at the Colorado Convention Center. If your school is invited to present in the Chapter Select Showcase, you will be sent the detailed guidelines along with a list of stock set pieces that will be available from the theatre.