CTSO Clubs

Establishing your Thespian troupe as a non-affiliated Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO)

If you are developing or have a program that does NOT use a state and nationally affiliated CTSO, but has established and maintains a local, thespian troupe student organization available to all students participating in the program area, you must include:

  • Follow the Thespian constitution and bylaws, including how membership in the Thespian CTSO is determined. In order to be a viable Thespian CTSO, the organization must be available to ALL students participating in the theatre program.
  • Maintain a list of the current local membership
  • Maintain a list of current elected officers
  • Maintain agendas & minutes of Thespian CTSO business meetings held by the organization. At minimum, meetings should be held monthly.
  • Documentation of a Program of Work: The program of work should be related to the following goals. Evidence must be provided that demonstrates work in each of the following areas. The expectation is that each state chapter will carry out this program of work by using standing committees to plan and carry out activities. This documentation may be as simple as a narrative describing the local chapter’s involvement in these areas and may vary with the type of CTSO.
    • Professional development: To prepare each CTSO member for entry into the work force and provide a foundation for success in a career. Becoming a professional does not stop with acquiring a skill, but involves an increased awareness of the meaning of good citizenship and the importance of labor and management in the world of work. Documentation should include evidence of multiple leadership development opportunities (e.g., Colorado State Thespian Conference, Thespian leadership and officer training, participation in Thespian Individual Events competition, etc.)
    • Community service: To promote and improve good will and understanding among all segments of the community through services donated by the CTSO chapter, and to instill in its members a lifetime commitment to community service. (e.g., Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids fundraising, Trick or Treat so Kids can Eat, community service campaign, etc.)
    • Employment/Internships: To increase student awareness of quality job practices and attitudes, and to increase the opportunities for employer contact and eventual employment. (e.g., Community theatre service and employment, internships with Regional Theatres, etc.)
    • Ways and means: To plan and participate in financial leadership activities to allow all members to carry out the chapter’s projects.
    • Competition/Demonstration: To offer students the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and be recognized for them through competitive activities in occupational areas and leadership. (e.g., Thespian Individual Events, Colorado Thespian Film Festival, etc.)
    • Public relations: To make the general public aware of the good work that students in career and technical education are doing to better themselves and their community, state, nation and world.
    • Social activities: To increase cooperation in the school and community through activities that allows the Thespian CTSO members to get to know each other in something other than a business or classroom setting.
  • Documentation that the Thespian CTSO is co‐curricular. Evidence should include examples of how the CTSO activities and program of work is integrated into the daily curricular plan. This documentation can be as simple as a class syllabus.


Programs should submit current documentation of Thespian CTSO activities as stated above. A copy should be retained by the Thespian CTSO for audit purposes.