About Colorado State Thespians

Colorado State Thespians Mission Statement:

To promote and strengthen theatre arts in education through theatrical experiences that provide creative enrichment for students and teachers. — Revised January 2012

Colorado State Thespians Vision Statement

The vision for the Colorado Thespian Society is to use its collaborative talents and financial resources to promote, strengthen, and advocate for theatre arts education in all Colorado secondary schools. We believe the outcome of our efforts will be the cultivation of educational communities that share our belief that theatre is an essential component in our schools and in our society. We believe in the value of teaching human culture, history, diversity, responsibility, and integrity. — Revised January 2012

The Colorado State Thespians are affiliated with The International Thespian Society and the Educational Theatre Association. The International Thespian Society is a non-profit, tax-exempt honorary organization for middle and high school theatre students. The society is committed to the advancement of educational theatre, and to this end publishes Dramatics Magazine, sponsors Thespian Festivals and theatre workshops, produces educational materials, and provides college scholarship opportunities for students.

Contact Info by Area

Auditions and University Coordinator Alex Burkart auditions.cothespians@gmail.com
Awards Coordinator Tami LoSasso awards.cothespians@gmail.com
Bellco Coordinator Skylar Ely techdirector.cothespians@gmail.com
Chapter Director Tami LoSasso cochapterdirector@gmail.com
Critics Choice Showcase Coordinator Alexa Wynschenk showcase.cothespians@gmail.com
Film Coordinator Eric Hernandez film.cothespians@gmail.com
Information Technology Coordinator Jesse Collett it.cothespians@gmail.com
Information Technology Director Beau Augustin it.cothespians@gmail.com
Judges Coordinator Mary Schuttler judges.cothespians@gmail.com
Mainstage Coordinator Olivia Newman mainstage.cothespians@gmail.com
One Acts/Tech Challenge Coordinator Tyler Roach troupeevents.cothespians@gmail.com
Registration Ty Eatherton register.cothespians@gmail.com
STO Coordinator Ty Eatherton sto.cothespians@gmail.com
Tech Events Coordinator Carmel Alston tech.cothespians@gmail.com
Thespys (IE) Coordinator Mary Schuttler thespys.cothespians@gmail.com
Vendors Coordinator Casey Kesis vendors.cothespians@gmail.com
Workshop Coordinator Caroline Kerswill workshops.cothespians@gmail.com

Chapter Director

Tami LoSasso
Tami LoSasso (she/her)
Executive Director Colorado Thespians
(Chapter Director)
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Executive Board

  • Beau Augustin (he/him)
    Denver Public Schools, Instructional Curriculum Specialist
    (IT Director)
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  • Jesse Collett (he/him)
    Jeffco Public Schools, Theatre Coordinator
    (IT Coordinator)
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  • Ty Eatherton (he/him)
    Lakewood High School
    (Registration/STO Coordinator)
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  • Caroline Kerswill (she/her)
    Denver Center for International Studies, Theatre Director
    (Workshop Coordinator)
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  • Dr. Mary Schuttler
    Dr. Mary Schuttler (she/her)
    University of Northern Colorado, Professor of Theatre Education
    (Adjudicator/IE Coordinator)
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Leadership Team

  • Carmel Alston (she/her)
    Oasis Stagewerks
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  • Alex Burkart (he/him)
    Cherry Creek High School, Theatre Director
    (University and Auditions Coordinator)
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  • Skylar Ely (he/him)
    Grandview High School, Theatre Educator
    (Stage Manager)
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  • Casey Kesis (she/her)
    Harmony Ridge K-8, Theatre Director
    (Marketing and Outreach Coordinator)
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  • Eric Hernandez (he/him) Infinitus Films (Film Coordinator) Read full bio…
  • Olivia Newman (she/her)
    Chatfield High School, Theatre Director
    (Mainstage Screening Coordinator)
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  • Tyrell Rae (he/she/they) Independent Artist (Diversity Equity and Inclusion Coordinator)
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  • Tyler Roach (he/him)
    Golden High School, Theatre Tech Director
    (One Act and Tech Challenge Coordinator)
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  • Alexa Wynschenk-Ring (she/her)
    Campus Middle School, Theatre Teacher
    (Critic’s Choice Coordinator Coordinator)
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The Colorado Chapter Director is Tami LoSasso, (term ending 2027). Contact for web site management and Colorado State Thespian contracts. The Colorado State Thespians is a registered non-profit organization, (Ohio, Domestic Articles/Non-profit document #200323800776), Federal Employer Identification Number #56-2393274, and approved by the Colorado Secretary of State for operating a non-profit in Colorado. Colorado Sales Tax Exemption #98-16382, D-U-N-S #79-121-7750