Beau Augstin

Mr. Beau Augustin
Denver Public Schools, Instructional Curriculum Specialist
(IT Director)

It is an honor for Beau to serve Colorado Theatre Arts Educators via Colorado Thespians. Since joining the Colorado State Thespian Board in 2002, Beau has seen and engaged with many changes to bring us to where we proudly are today. In addition to Colorado Thespians, Beau also serves the theatre education community as the Dance and Theatre Arts Instructional Curriculum Specialist for Denver Public Schools. Beau received his Bachelors in Theatre Education from The University of Northern Colorado, and his Masters in Directing from The Chicago Conservatory of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University. Previously, Beau taught and directed at Pomona High School in Jefferson County. Having attended the Colorado Thespian Conference as a student, Beau brings a passion and value to the student experience as we continue support teachers and programs across the state.