Frequently Asked Questions

Who attends the Conference? Do you have to be a Thespian to attend the conference?
Over 5,600 of Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico’s most dedicated high school theatre students in grades 9 to 12th grade attend the high school conference. And over 1,000 middle school students attend our one day Junior Thespian Conference. The conference is open to all theatre students; the only event that is limited to Thespian members is the Senior University Auditions.  
How do we register for the Conference?
The Colorado State Thespian Conference registration is online; your school will receive postcard reminders for the conference and registration deadlines. Registration opens on September 1st and closes on November 10th, video submissions can be uploaded until November 18th, but your registration must be completed by November 10th. Registering on-line enters the school into a legal and binding contract, simply click the registration button of this web site – upper right hand corner of any page. Once schools enter the registration process teachers can make changes to their account, add and delete students or events, up to the deadline or until they submit. Please note this is your online record you can add students to your directory that may or may not attend a thespian event. You will need the following information from your students: Name, cell phone number, email address and their graduation year. Please note this is your confidential information, email addresses are used to send certificates and judging forms, cell phones are used for emergency and notification purposes. Students can self enter their information at, and then teachers can import that information into their school directory within the online registration.
Why should you attend?
Over 70 Colleges, Conservatories, and Universities dedicated to the service of the academic theatre community offered over four million dollars worth of scholarships to students in attendance. Besides the college auditioning experience, students have the opportunity to train with some of the country’s leading professionals in Acting, Directing, Play-writing, and Technical Theatre. The conference also affords students the opportunity to watch professional theatrical productions and main stage presentations produced by area high schools, professional theatres, and university theatre programs.
How much does the conference cost?
The conference registration fee is posted within the online registration system. The registration fee covers the cost of admission to the conference, workshops, and performances. (For an in-person conference: The registration fee does not cover the cost of your hotel room or food. There are numerous restaurants where troupes go for their meals.) If students sign-up for performing in the Individual Events/Thespys (IE’S) there is an additional fee per student for each individual event, limit of two performances allowed, this does not include Improv Frenzy or Tech Olympics. Registration opens on September 1st and closes on November 10th.
Where do we send our conference registration fees?
7310 w 52nd Avenue #A-405, Arvada, CO 80002 Please send only one check per school, no personal checks accepted for registration. School or individuals can also charge their registration online or over the phone. Registration must be paid for in advance of attending the conference, late fees are added after the event.
What is the conference deadline and how do you make changes to your registration after you have registered on-line?
The deadline for the conference registration is November 10th. You can register after the deadline but you will be charged a late registration fee of $25 per high school student and $15 per middle school student. Late registrants cannot participate in individual events or the Senior University Auditions. If you need to make changes to your on-line registration, you can login to make changes prior to submitting your registration. There is no charge to change or drop students, as long as those changes and drops are made prior to the November 10 deadline. If you desire to add students to your registration after the deadline of November 10 that can be done online. Please note there are no replacement opportunities offered in the registration process after the deadline. Troupe directors please be advised, our insurance and that of your institution only covers participants that are registered for the conference.
Is there supervision at the in-person conference and what is the charge for additional sponsors or chaperones?
Each school district should carry liability insurance for each participant in attendance. Schools attending are required to provide chaperones to supervise their participants per your school policy. Colorado Thespians provides security in and around the Colorado Convention Center and the host hotel. The host hotel has Denver police officers on duty in the evening hours. Schools are strongly recommended to bring one sponsor or chaperone per ten students attending the conference.
How does our school receive tax exempt status in the city of Denver?
Denver has a strict municipal code that requires hotels to prove tax exempt status. As a result hotels are shifting this responsibility to the schools. If your school desires to take advantage of their tax exempt status, they must register the proper paper work with their host hotel’s accounts payable, prior to arriving at the conference. Schools must also supply the hotel with a complete room list, prior to check-in. If you fail to follow this procedure you will be charged tax at check-out. Please be advised that teachers using their own personal credit card will not qualify for tax exempt status, even if your school district is reimbursing you for the expense. You should be prepared to bring a check from your district.
How many events can a troupe register for; Improv Frenzy, One Acts, Auditions, and IE’s?
Students cannot participate in more than two Individual Events, to allow for plenty of opportunities for other students in attendance. We will do everything in our power to avoid conflicts with the Senior University Auditions at our in-person conference. The Individual Events and University Scholarships are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis, we are limited by space and time restraints and adjudicators. Sponsors are encouraged to register early for these events. Schools are limited to one Improv Frenzy group and/or one One Act session (75 minutes), however, they may perform as many One Acts within the 75 minute time block as they desire. Cancellation of a One Act for the in-person conference after the published deadline may incur a $250 room charge.
How do we register for the conference? How do we verify our registration?
Once teachers and/or troupe directors have entered students into their online directory, they can select students to participate in the conference with the registration tab in the online registration portal. Teachers and/or troupe directors will need a valid e-mail address to receive your conference confirmation. Please do not allow your students to register your school, as numerous problems have resulted from students attempting to proceed through the registration process.
How are schools or individuals selected for the showcase presentation on Saturday?
Participants are adjudicated by the guest adjudicators, which select the top performances in any given category for presentation to the whole contingency. Students selected must receive an accomplished recommendation from the judges. Students with adult language or offensive content in their IE may or may not be allowed to perform their selection as presented on the main stage. One Acts will not be included in the showcase due to time constraints for the in-person conference.
Where do we send our Senior University Auditions?
Students should follow the link on the scholarship audition page and sign up within the Thespian Point Tracker web site. The Colorado Individual Events and University Scholarships are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis, we are limited by space, time restraints, and adjudicators. Sponsors are encouraged to tell their students to register early. Deadline is November 10th.
Refund and Cancellation Policy
No refunds granted for registered Thespians and/or their affiliated schools after the registration is closed. Please note on the deadline date, any and all schools in the system are converted to registered status. Schools are responsible for the full amount of their conference registration after submission. Payment for conference registration is expected and should be received prior to attendance at the conference. Schools have the ability to cancel their registration within the registration period and should take advantage of this opportunity within that extended time frame and make appropriate changes to their registration.
Any student and/or school registered for the Colorado State Thespian Conference on/or after the posted registration date will be subject to any and all fees incurred including but not limited to Registration fees, Individual Events fees and Senior University Audition fees. If a student fails to attend the annual conference for any reason, there is no refund. Registered schools and sponsors are responsible for any and all fees incurred and not paid by their troupe, sponsors, students and attendees, including any legal fees or court costs involved in collecting the conference registration.