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Adams State University – Session 5

Adjudicator: Alexis Black – (330) 701-4958

Students Called Back

Jacob Maki s5-1
Quinn Halgrimson s5-13
Julia Vuolo s5-2
Jeremiah Garcia s5-3
Casey Walsh s5-5
Jamie Galvan s5-6
Tyler DIETRICH s5-7
Samuel Derrickson s5-9
Kiana Holmes s5-11
Eli Carver s5-15
Livie Hamilton s5-16
Camren Slaughter s5-22
Liv Story s5-23
Harper Anne Finch s5-24
Annika Stahli s5-26
Connor Slavey s5-32
Makenzie Konty s5-33
Caleb Martin s5-34

Adjudicator Comments

Wonderful work today! Please stop by the Adams State University table to meet us, and talk with us about our scholarship opportunities in person.

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