Callback Listing

Adams State University – Session 6

Adjudicator: Alexis Black – (330) 701-4958

Students Called Back

Jazmine Mendez s5
Mandy Moore s6-9
Mary Dyson s6-12
Isaiah West s6-16
Kevin Sidabutar s6-17
Avery McCarl s6-18
Darci Wax s6-19
Kelby Jakober s6-20
Dartagnan Devereux s6-21
Rebecca Schmitt s6-22
Allegra Daniels s6-24
Tanner Gardner s6-25
Rickey Cooper s6-26
Kaylee Maupin s6-27
Ricardo Deniz s6-30

Adjudicator Comments

Wonderful work today! Please stop by the Adams State University table to meet us, and talk with us about our scholarship opportunities in person.

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