Callback Listing

New York Film Academy – Session 5

Adjudicator: Blake Babbitt – (212) 966-3488

Students Called Back

Jacob Maki
Sophie Krupanszky
Kylie Wieand
Shyla Kyser
Julia Vuolo
Jeremiah Garcia
Evan Sullivan
Lydia Kanous
Eli Carver
Livie Hamilton
Tiffany Deeds
Megan Chang
Liv Story
Annika Stahli
Harper Anne Finch
Elise Todd
Nora Landy
Caleb Martin 
Kevin Howery 

Adjudicator Comments

Congratulations! The New York Film Academy has called your back. Please come to our college booth at anytime for call backs. You will meet with my colleague, Tandy Versyp , or myself. Also, please check your email for more information from us! Have a great day:)

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