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Oklahoma State University – Session 5

Adjudicator: David Kersnar – (405)744-9203

Students Called Back

Eric bechtel
Ellie olsen
Marguerite bradley
Christian dhainin
Hattie Hodes
Conner Graves
Mckenzie Block
Tristen jones
Brian Davis
Bradley hall
Kelsey McKercher
Mia Parnaby:
Michelle kercher
Isabel Hebenstreit
Madison Halliday
Gabrielle Moten
Remy Yin
Ryan Kipnis
Makayla Werner
Brielle Williams
Patrick Keleher
Jack Paychak
Logan Jewell
Isabel Jones
Jaiden Cunningham
Sandra Ankenmen acting tech
Izabella Bong.
Jenna brewer.
Elizabeth Myers.
Grace Meyers
Max Murray
Victoria Smith

Adjudicator Comments

You Belong in Oklahoma State University Theatre!!!! Our mission is to create the theatre makers of tomorrow by helping you find your "Voice" today. I'm David Kersnar, the Head of Oklahoma State Theatre and the Co-founder of Lookingglass Theatre of Chicago. I would love to tell you about our collaborative transformational inventive program where you can find yourself. Because you were called back you are eligible for a $15,000 a year out-of-state should you apply get accepted and enroll - that's $60,000 a year you just earned! Come talk to us about joining our team to turn your dream into plans!!! Table 51

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