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Oklahoma State University – Session 3

Adjudicator: David Kersnar – (405)744-9203

Students Called Back

Donovan del Rosario
Abby Stuckrath
Peyton Mazza
Abraham Jiminez
Abrielle Arnold
Adelaide Kuehn
Aiden Krause
Alecia Marquadt
Alex Happ
Alexa Rodriguez
Alyssa McCampbel
Amber Kiley
Ambelee Gibson
Amy James
Andres Arneson
Andrew Hensel
Angela Ramirez
Anna Johnson
Arianna scott
Asher wolf
Audre Miller
Victoria Soliz
Skylar Lang
Wesley woodcock
Leah Marshall
Lindsay Pratt
Jocelyn Burke
Victoria soliz

Adjudicator Comments

You belong in OSU Theatre!! Our mission is to help you find your voice to become the Theatre Maker of tomorrow. I’m David Kersnar the head off Theatre at Oklahoma State, the cofounder of Lookingglass theatre of Chicago and I would love to tell you about our amazing program in our state of the art facility where you can find your self. Come join the team!!!

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