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Laramie County Community College – Session 6

Adjudicator: Jason Pasqua – (307) 778-4323

Students Called Back

Annika Bell
Jazmine Mendez
Mandy Moore
Avery McCarl
Mary Dyson
Isaiah West
Kevin Sidabutar
Darci Wax
Kelby Jakober
Rickey Cooper

Adjudicator Comments

Thank you all so much! I'd like you to visit our table over in the Convention Center. Nick Marlin, my man in admissions is there, along with Emily Grace Piel, our stage manager. They'll be there until 4pm today. Talk to them, get to know them, and hear what they have to say. I'll be in auditions all day, so if I don't get to talk to you, be ready for a phone call or an email from me next week.


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