Callback Listing

Broadway Artists Alliance of NYC – Session 3

Adjudicator: Jennifer Johns – (646) 709-9918

Students Called Back

Emily McKinney
Beth Noone
Aliza Ciara Ilano
Vince Dang
Kyle Lawrence
Hanna Dotson
Madelyn Wible
Maria Keirns
Justin Mérida
Faith Matson
Bryan Lucchesi
Miko Coffey
Michelle DeMoss
Will Warner
Isabella Miller
Fletcher Kim
Catherine O'Hara

Adjudicator Comments

Congratulations! Your callback qualifies you for acceptance into our program without an additional NYC audition! Please come to visit our booth at your leisure on Friday afternoon (after 3:30pm) or Saturday (8:30am-1:30pm) for a brief interview and to learn more about our program.
If you are unavailable to visit the booth, but have interest in learning more about our program, please email us at;

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