Callback Listing

Broadway Artists Alliance of NYC – Session 5

Adjudicator: Jennifer Johns – (646) 709-9918

Students Called Back

Jacob Maki
Jeremiah Garcia
Amaya Perkins
Sarah Jenkins
Kiana Holmes
Lydia Kanous
Livie Hamilton
Tiffany Deeds
Megan Chang
Harper Anne Finch
Elise Todd
Nora Landy
Karlie Asman
Caleb Martin
Kevin Howery

Adjudicator Comments

We really enjoyed your audition and would love to call you back for a brief interview at the Broadway Artists Alliance of NYC's Booth (Booth #27)! A Callback means that you have been accepted into at least one of our programs, without a second audition in NYC being required! Come visit us on Friday afternoon (after 3:45pm) or Saturday morning between 8:30am and 11:30am to learn more about our program.
If unavailable to visit the booth, but interested in learning more about your Acceptance details and our program, please email us at; before December 15th.
Congratulations on a great audition!

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