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Colorado Mesa University – Session 4

Adjudicator: Jeremy Franklin –    

Students Called Back

S4-2 - Mikaela Schindler
S4-3 - Eric Bechtel
S4-4 - Ellie Olsen
S4-5 - Joey Santa Maria
S4-6 - Marguerite Bradley
S4-10 - Christian Dhainin
S4-12 - Hattie Hodes
S4-13 - Conner Graves
S4-16 - Brian Davis
S4-17 - Bradley Hall
S4-18 - Curtis Madden
S4-20 - Travis Deane
S4-22 - Kelsey McKercher
S4-23 - Mia Parnaby
S4-24 - Wray Szenderski
S4-26 - Michelle Lee
S4-27 - Dmitri Balasopoulov
S4-30 - Isabel Hebenstreit

Adjudicator Comments

Please drop by to speak to Jeremy Franklin or Jess Jackson at Colorado Mesa University - Table 3!
If we aren't at our table, please fill out an information card and include your audition number in the upper right hand corner.

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