Callback Listing

Casper College – Session 3

Adjudicator: Jodi Youmans-Jones – (307) 258-8910

Students Called Back

Aliza Ilano
Vince Dang
Kyle Lawrence
Hannah Dotson
Madelyn Wible
Lindsey Stancato
Maria Keirns
Edith Gonzales
Michelle Diller
Isaiah Johnson
Joshua Gelman
Justin Merida
Bryan Lucchesi
Miko Coffey
Leo Anselmi
Michelle De Moss
Joseph Torrison
Will Warner
Fletcher Kim
River Cowan

Adjudicator Comments

Please see our table, Casper College. We would love to talk to each of during the day or during the Tech Auditions at our table in the Convention Center. Thank you all for your work and willingness to be vulnerable.

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