Callback Listing

University of Northern Colorado – Session 3

Adjudicator: John Leonard –    

Students Called Back

Amy James S3-13
Abby Struckrath S3-01
Peyton Mazza S3-02
Alex Happ S3-08
Alexa Rodriquez S3-09
Alyssa McCambel S3-10
Anders Arneson S3-14
Andrew Hensel S3-15
Ariana Scott S3-18
Leah Marshall S3-25

Sofie Berg S3-22
Adelaide Kuehn S3-05
Peyton Mazza S3-02
Aiden Krause S3-06
Alex Happ S3-08
Rachel Berke S3-30
Asher Wolf S3-19
Audrey Miller S3-21
Victoria Soliz S3-23
Chloe Kramer S3-27
Lucas Barta S3-33
Wesley Woodcock S5-08

Adjudicator Comments

Callbacks will be at the UNC Booth Saturday morning 9:00am - Noon. Please bring headshot and resume, if you have one available. Looking forward to seeing you!

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