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Adams State University – Session 4

Adjudicator: John Taylor – (719) 588-0217

Students Called Back

Paige Blosser S4 - 1
Joey Santa Maria S4 - 5
Cambria Bartlett S4 - 7
Kendall Lecumberry
Kirk Nickel
Tristan Jones
Travis Deane S4 -20
Sarah Smith S4 - 25
Dimitri Balasopoulov S4-27
Samantha Heppenstall S4 -29
Wesley Schwarz S4 - 32
Evan Ullsperger S4-31

Adjudicator Comments

Adams State University is Southern Colorado's Premier University Theatre Program.  You did a great audition!! Please stop by and talk with us about scholarships to study with us.  We will be at our table on Friday from 1-5 pm and Saturday 8 - 11 a.m.  

At Adams, we are the Department of Art and Theatre - a community of artists celebrating creativity and collaboration.  Check us out and you might find we are the perfect place for you.

All my best,
Dr. John Taylor -- Table #1

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