Callback Listing

Grand Canyon University – Session 5

Adjudicator: Michael Kary – (602) 639-6654

Students Called Back

Aviella Trujillo
Gabriela Guevara
Brooke Hager
Brendan Lowry
Sam Meyer
McAllister Stowell
Penina Stowell
Amanda Sturman
Nadine Rayburn
Zoe Fonck
Isabella Duran Shedd
Hannah Pederson
Blake Novy
Anne Carpenter
Abbie Traynor
Ailee Dreher
Nathan Stromberg
Megan Iannone
Elisabeth Kulesus

Adjudicator Comments

Grand Canyon University would love to talk more with you about our program. If you are getting a callback, you are being considered for a scholarship. Scholarship funds are limited, so please stop by our table in the convention center!
Looking forward to it,
Michael Kary

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